Online Branding- Crucial for Businesses during the second wave of Covid 19!

Online Branding- Crucial for Businesses during the second wave of Covid 19! Because of the most significant benefit of effective digital media strategies, the second surge in 2021 of covid-19 would not disrupt e-commerce companies. Internet marketing, Social Media, Digital Platforms, and Web Portals are highly effective. The flexible pace allows for possible outcomes that […]

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Chatbot

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Chatbot ‘Chatbots are the future.’ How many times have you heard this phrase and wondered why do marketing experts keep saying it? First of all, it’s essential to know that chatbots have already become a significant trend in the Digital Marketing industry. Every marketer these days is exploring  and planning to […]

The Time To Explore Micro Video Marketing Is Now

The Time To Explore Micro Video Marketing Is Now If you take a moment to think, you will realize that Snapchat was among the first social media platforms to use the concept of micro-videos. Recently, we all saw the tremendous rise of Tik-Tok, which accelerated the growth of micro-video marketing. Since then, there has been […]

Find Out Which Factors Are Most Important For Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a terrific social networking tool and a search engine brimming with all the latest trends. Brands generally use it to communicate with users, Twitter marketing increase followers and brand awareness, boost conversions, and more. There are more than 145 million active daily users on Twitter. It would not be a wise decision to leave Twitter […]

What Do the New Digital Content Guidelines by Government Mean to your digital marketing strategy?

Are you worried that you might have to change your digital content strategy due to Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s recently released digital content guidelines? Be assured that your marketing strategy is safe from these rules and regulations as long as you don’t post anything controversial.So the question is, to whom these content guidelines […]


How to Drive Traffic to a Landing Pages Landing pages are all about driving sales and driving conversions. They have a dedicated space for viewers to complete a particular call-to-action (CTA) in interactive campaigns. They keep consumers’ eyes on the ultimate target, whether it’s signing up for an email list, or beginning a free trial. […]

Creating & Structuring a Successful Digital Marketing Plan for Clients!

Recognize & use the most effective online marketing channels. If you’re looking at India or overseas, there has been a dramatic increase in digital marketing. These developments are expected to get more dynamic as years go on, and new digital space advancements are beginning to take traction. Digital dynamism has already started. Marketing has been […]

How To Optimize the Right Content for SEO Keywords

How To Optimize the Right Content for SEO Keywords The primary aim of search engines is to fulfill search purpose. Search intent actually is a keyword or user intent. It concerns the explanation of why people are performing a specific online inquiry. If you are a company owner, having accurate information that suits your customers’ […]

Instagram Reels: How they are beneficial for Businesses?

We all are very well aware of how video content and video marketing is really powerful for your business to grow for free online. In this bandwagon, Instagram’s has recently launched, the newest form of short-video sharing feature called Reels. How Instagram Reels are Beneficial for Businesses? Quick Highlights about Reels: -The Reels feature is integrated within […]

The New Era of Digital Marketing 2021

Looking closely at the last five years, digital media have played a vital role in the brand’s overall growth and advancement. The penetration of the internet and the evolution of 4G/5G and cheaper data have broadened the horizons and enabled the new era of Digital Marketing 2021 to grow and be ready for a promising […]

Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help Real Estate Developers in Increasing Revenue?

Well, not only investors, but real estate developers also believe that digital marketing is the easiest and fastest way to generate leads. Apart from busy schedules, the new gen-Z likes to be using the web first to find out all the details and choices on the real estate listings. Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate […]

Why Your Business today needs YouTube Video Marketing

If the content is king, then video content is the emperor! Videos can generate 1200% more engagement than any other form of media. On a Facebook page, a video increase engagement by 33%. Simply writing the word ‘video’ in the subject line of the email boost the chances of opening up the email by 13%. […]

Importance of Online Reviews in digital Marketing

Importance of Online Reviews in digital Marketing. The study says customer reviews can increase conversions by 270%! Well, do customer reviews matter? And the answer is a strong yes. With the rise of online & social media or third party platforms, customers can share their expertise with the realm in just a few clicks. Nowadays, […]

Creating effective sales funnel to bring in more business!

Creating effective sales funnel to bring in more business To cultivate prospects successfully, you must satisfy their expectations at every stage of the buying process. It’s also essential to keep a trace of your website visitors and know where you’re going to lose them. It’s time for you to build an effective sales funnel. The […]

The way forward digital marketing trends in 2021

The Way Forward Digital Marketing Trends In 2021 Predicting the future feels strangely daunting after the year we just had with the entire nation suffering from the pandemic. However, there are trends and themes underway that anticipate, & which will paint digital marketing in 2021. Let us see a few of the expected trends of […]

Digital Ads touching a record high during Covid-19!

Digital Ads Touched a Record High during Covid-19! While we talk about Digital Transformation, the real side about Covid-19 is the actual impact on behavior change. Traditional media has suffered as digital ad spend has grown in 2020.  How are brands evolving out of this pandemic- Brands athwart the globe are slowly evolving to terms […]

DigiComm, the leading digital marketing firm, registered a whopping growth of over 300% in Q2

Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Real Estate In its gross revenue for Q2 of FY 20-21, DigiComm Marketing Services LLP posted a whopping growth of over 300%. The phenomenal leap has come mainly due to the sudden inclination of prominent real estate customers to digital tools, as most conventional advertising tools such as newspaper ads […]

Realtors need to choose effective communication to overcome COVID-19 impact

Realtors Need To Choose Effective Communication to Overcome Covid-19 Impact. Difficult times call for out-of-the-box thinking but it is not possible all the time. The next step is to make people aware of what you are doing. For when people know your intentions they will come to you, no matter what the world is saying […]

Online marketing techniques for realty projects

In today’s digital age, it would be prudent to revisit some online marketing techniques, through the usage of which, real estate developers with new projects could boost their leads. The usage of marketing to boost sales of real estate projects is hardly a new phenomenon. However, with changing times, there are a slew of changes […]

How to traverse your business digitally during COVID-19

The Covid 19 revolution has made many companies wind up or at least work from home, urging them to revise their Internet marketing strategies among many other things. The Young Presidents’ Organization’s (YPO) study registered 82% of business leaders are expecting significant declines in revenues over the next six months. These figures look bleak. How, […]

Digital Marketing Agency

DigiComm, a new class of digital marketing agency designed from start to finish and we really care about what your brand needs & wants because we believe in giving you 360° solutions. We create dialogues and skills that last. A company Known by its leader and the leader at Digicomm is Built-in to mount all. […]

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